K-Club Brick Orders for the new building

TO: Donors to the Friends Building Fund


This memo is to contact you regarding the inscriptions of the bricks for the reading area of the new facility. You are entitled to one (1) brick for each $1,000 you donated to the Friends. A template indicating the allocated spacing of 20 spaces can be found by clicking the link below. One template should be completed for each brick. If you donated $2,000 or more through the K-Club campaign but choose not to use any extra bricks, please let us know.

The inscriptions will be centered on each line with upper case and lower cases used. Please make sure the inscription is written or printed clearly.

There is an option for a graphic which will reduce the spaces to 15 for each line. To review the clipart, go to fundraisingbrick.com then click on the Product Choices link. Additional charges may be added for the clipart.

Some individuals have supplied inscriptions already. We will have everyone provide final approval prior to our placing the orders. The orders will need to be placed 6 to 8 weeks prior to the completion of the building.

Please contact Janice or Terry at the Library if you have questions.

Janice – janicesharp@yahoo.com

Terry – valleycenterlibrary@yahoo.com

Library phone – 316-755-7350

Library fax – 316-755-7351


Form to provide your desired brick inscription(s): Brick Template Form